Digital USB microscope 800X zoom microscopes

Product specifications:

1, image sensor: 1 million 300 thousand pixel. (photo pixel 2 million)

2, controller: high speed DSP.

3. Lens: 1000 times microlens (only one gear).

4. The range of focal length: adjustable,

5, photo: software and hardware (all can).

6, the video intercept the picture's pixel: 1600x1200 (2MPixel), 1280x1024 (1.3M Pixel), 1280x9601024x768800x600, 640x480, 352x288, 320x240, 160x120.

7. Lens rate: 30f/s at the brightness of 600 lux.

8, flash control: 50Hz/60 Hz

9. Video format: AVI

10, the lamp source: white LED lights eight, can switch, or can adjust the brightness of the picture in the software interface.

11. Magnification: 1000 times

12, power supply: USB interface (5V DC)

13. Software compatibility: TWAIN/VFW and so on

14, hardware requirements: Petium or above, 20M hard disk, CM ROM drive, 128MB memory, Direct X VGA card.

15, computer interface: USB2.0 and USB1.0

16. Operating system: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista

17, product inch scale: 112MM (long) x33MM (diameter)

18, accessories: a bracket, an English manual, a CD driver, neutral color box.

19. Product shell and color: Imitation Ceramic or frosted, white or black


Product application:

Inspection of industry, computer component test, telecommunication component inspection, scientific teaching tools, laboratory research, medical analysis, school research tools, insect anatomy / examination, plant anatomy / examination, skin examination, scalp examination, textile inspection, jewelry inspection, collection / coin inspection, printing inspection, reading Help, chat online, and so on


Digital microscope

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