microscope led ring light YK-L64T ring led light microscope illumination

Student Microscope BLM-MN60

16X Eyepiece 4X, 10X, 40X Objectives

Real optical glass lenses

Dual focusing knobs

2 LED lights, above and below

Uses 3AA Batteries (not included)


Includes assorted accessories for hours of fun scientific research!

Vinyl dust cover

5 blank slides

1 concavity (well)slide

4 prepared slides

2 bottles of stain



Plastic test tube

Plastic Petri dish


Brilliant  optical Design –Universal  Excellent  Independent Infinity Optical System(IOS)  is adopted.  Our Own (IOS) Objectives Own higher NA’s producing crisp, clear images produce better flat and contrast image.

Toughful Ergonomical Design and Innovative Pyramid-designed Frame ensures the Excellent Mechanical Stability Strong and stable

New High Point Collector enhancing the Intensity of the Illuminations

Multi-observations for Options: Phase contrast kit, Fluorescent Attachment, simple Polarization and Digital Measuring observation,including latest led lighting with high intensity.


Application Field: Medicine, Clinical, Pathology , Laboratories and Biology

Biological Microscopes are used for general biology for the middle or high school student, university/college studies, hobbyist, professional laboratory technician, veterinarian, doctor or pathologist. Lylight Biological Microscopes are brightfield upright compound microscopes.


Ring led light

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