Endoscope digital microscope USB microscope with stand

Main parameters:

Interface: USB input

Pixels: 2 million (2MP)

Multiple: 1-600 times

Self illuminating light: 6 bright LED lights

Focus: different object spacing and multiple times (range 1mm to infinity)

Line length: 1.5 meters

Input power: 5V

Dynamic movie number: 30 f/s

Microscopic viewing angle: 360 degrees continuously adjustable



Computer Component Inspection, Electronic Component Welding Inspection, Scientific Teaching Tools, Mixed Soil, Scalp Inspection, Textile Inspection, Jewelry Inspection, Collection/Coin Inspection, Antique Inspection, Automotive Micro-parts Inspection, Pipeline Inspection, Industrial Inspection, Laboratory Research, Medical Analysis, School Research Tools, Insect Anatomy/Plant Anatomy Skin Inspection, Judicial Identification, Printing, etc. Jewelry defect inspection, observation of internal structure of various small parts, etc. are widely used.

This equipment provides a variety of accessories, which can easily and clearly display the details of various parts of the human body (hair, mouth, ears, etc.) so as to obtain accurate comparison. It is the preferred tester for the use effect of beauty and health care products, as well as the hand appliances for family health care.


Digital microscope

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