Digital zoom stereo microscope with LCD screen STM-DG-DVSZMN

Digital zoom stereo microscope with LCD screen


High quality optical system, and optical components coated with special coating, created a high-quality optical system.

Standard magnification 7X~45X. Use optional auxiliary lens, the magnification can be 3.5X~180X.

Long working distance to create enough space for the uses.

Suit to ergonomic design, feel less fatigue when long time use.


Imaging component size 1/3 inch 1/3 inch
Vertical resolution 480 TV line 480 TV line
Pixel 768(H)X490(V) 768(H)X576(V)
Scanning system 525 line,60 frame/sec 625 line,60 frame/sec
White balance Switch between automatic balance and manual balance
Compensation Automatic
Signal noise ratio 46db
γcharacter 0.45
Minimum illumination 3.1ux
Input voltage 12V DC(9V-14V)
Power consumption Below 1.85W



Application field of lylight stereo microscope

Stereo microscope operation is simple, the magnification is generally in the 7X-42X, the maximum magnification of 180X. Stereo microscope is the most widely used in the use, the main purposes are as follows:

1.Study on the animal science, botany, entomology, histology, mineralogy, geology, archaeology and dermatology.

2 in the textile industry, for the inspection of raw materials and cotton fabric.

3 in the electronics industry, as a transistor spot welding, inspection, etc..

4 various kinds of materials, such as the cracks of the cracks, the corrosion of the surface and other surface phenomena.

5 in the manufacture of small precision parts, used for machine tool equipment, working process observation, precision parts inspection and assembly tools.

6 lens, prism or other transparent material surface quality, as well as the precision of the scale of the examination.

7 identify cions is true or false .

8 widely used in textile products, chemical, chemical, plastic products, electronic manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, printing industry, higher education institutions, archaeological research and many other fields.


Stereo microscope

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