16MP HDMI 1080P digital inspection camera

industry camera Features:

Functional introduction:

The 16 million pixel imported Panasonic CMOS image sensor is used.

Using 1/2.33 inch image sensor, the viewing angle is wider than 1/3 inch.

HDMI 1080P 60FPS frame image output;

USB free drive output 1080P 30FPS frame image output;

One bond freezing / thawing function;

16 million pixel photographing and 1080P video recording;

Support 2.7K 30FPS@ frame video recording

Electronic digital zooming function;

Support manual / automatic exposure, exposure compensation value adjustment;

Support manual / automatic white balance, red, green and blue adjustable.

10 line drawing functions, line color, thickness and position can be provided.

Provide central cross line display / close;

Support TF card storage, maximum support 64GB;

Support remote control, take pictures without jitter, and make images clearer.

Support the Chinese and English menu language (default English);

Support shutdown set parameter preservation;


Camera parameters:

Sensor: 1/2.33 inch Panasonic 16 million pixel CMOS sensor

Pixel size: 1.335 mu m * 1.335 mu m

HDMI output: 1920*1080 60FPS frames

USB output: 1920*1080/30 1280*720/30 640*480/30 320*240/30 (MJPG)

Lens interface: C/CS

Exposure: automatic / manual

Exposure compensation: support

White balance: automatic / manual, RGB adjustable

Storage: maximum support for 64GB

Input voltage: DC 12V

Scribing: supports 10 straight lines. The color, thickness and position can be adjusted.

Center line: support

Menu language: English / Chinese / Japanese / French / German / Spanish /

Remote control: support remote control operation

Net weight: 250 grams



Interface Description:

1, HDMI high definition video output interface;

2, USB B-type high definition video output interface;

3, T-flash card socket;

4, DC interface (Note: DC 12V)



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