Max 120X Zoom Lens C-Mount Glass Lens for Industrial Microscope Camera

Industrial Vision Lens Max 120X Zoom Lens C-Mount Glass Lens with 50mm Ring Adapter for Industrial Microscope Camera



Working distance: 55mm-700mm

Field of view: 4mm-100mm

zoom c-mount Lens

zoom ratios: 15:1

Magnification Power by 0.13X - 2X

Size: 110mm(L) * 28mm(DIA)

With 50mm ring adapter



Industrial Inspection, Computer Parts inspection, Telecom module inspection, scientific teaching tool, Laboratory Research, Medical analysis, School Research tool, Insect dissection examination, Plant dissection examination, Skin examination, Scalp examination, Textile Inspection, Jewelry Inspection, Collections/ Coin Inspection, Printing Inspection, Reading Aid,


Industry camera

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