microscope accessories 72mm diameter microscope spare parts led light

Large inner diameter of the LED light source applications:

1, Lighting: inside diameter of less than 72mm stereo microscope, stereo microscope, dissecting microscope
2, machine vision lighting system
3, the other requires a large diameter lens auxiliary lighting equipment and so on.
1, high brightness, long life, soft natural lighting without flash, energy saving, easy installation.
2, the brightness can be adjusted, is stereo microscope, bonding microscopes, stereo microscopes and other optical instruments with the ideal source.
3, using aluminum alloy shell, anti-aging
4, uniform illumination: 144LED light beads 360 ° uniform illumination on the object being observed, no ghost produced, high definition.
Light color: Conventional white (red yellow blue can be ordered)
Outside Diameter: Φ108mm
Diameter size: Φ72mm
Input voltage: AV100V-240V
Power: 6W
LED quantity: 144 LED mining light tube
Working distance: 30 ~ 160mm
Maximum illumination: 45,000 Lux
Brightness adjustment: 0 to 100%
Power: limit current, constant power and overheating protection

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