Industry microscope camera HDMI combination 9.7inch LCD andriod touch tablet Wifi bluetooth HD monitor

HD monitor for industry microscope camera 9.7inch LCD andriod HDMI Wifi Bluetooth

9.7 inch large screen digital microscope system using Cortex-A9 dual core ARM processor, model RK3066, integrated ARM Mail400 MP dual core GPU processor, the highest frequency is 1.6GHz, support for video, pictures, processing, storage, network and other functions. Support USB interface CMOS camera, real-time display. The built-in high performance special 2D processor, 1080P supports multiple formats of video decoding, support for stereo 3D H.264 MVC video encoding, support a variety of memory, including DDRIII, DDRII and LPDDRII, the digital image signal can be output with high resolution. The system requires strong expansion properties, can choose a variety of accessories according to different needs, such as bright field, dark field, phase contrast and polarization etc.. The operating system uses Android 4.2.
Memory interface
Support multiple memory, including DDRIII, DDRII, and LPDDRII
Built in 2GB memory = prefix = o"
External extension SD card
Camera video interface
Built in UVC driver, can be connected to USB camera
Interfaces support a variety of input formats: RAW, RGB, and YUV
• using Android tablet, support 5 million pixel CMOS digital imaging, 10-30 frames / sec (1024*768 and other resolutions) real-time display
White balance adjustment and image correction
man-machine interface
• 9.7 Inch (Diagonal) IPS LCD display, resolution 1024*768
Support keyboard and mouse input
Five touch capacitive touch screen
Hardware key: power switch
Expansion card
Support large capacity SD memory card, maximum support 32G C10 high-speed card
Peripheral Interface
• bottom USB 2 HOST interface, USB A parallel with Mini USB
• bottom USB 2 OTG interface
Support HDMI HD interface
Network module
Support WI-FI wireless access
Bluetooth support



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